Top Forensic Science Blogs on the web

Top Forensic Science Blogs on the web

Top Forensic Science Blogs

On ITSGOV, most often we’ve focused our attention on providing helpful, genuinely valuable resources in the forensic science and criminal justice sphere. However, for an individual looking to learn more about the field or even considering becoming a practitioner, we believe it is equally important to follow other resources, which provide a more hands-on approach. This is how our list of the top forensic science blogs on the web came to be, as a centralized resource for discovering the most valued opinions and findings of esteemed forensic scientists or knowledgeable forensic science enthusiasts straight from their own blogs.

The list isn’t guided by any hierarchy, and the order in which we’ve listed these remarkable forensic science blogs is of no general importance.

General Forensic Science

  1. UF Forensic Science Blog. The official blog of the University of Florida department of forensic science, where very insightful information and real-life cases can be found.
  2. Zeno’s blog. A famous forensic scientists, Zeno has been a promoter of forensic science over the web for many years now, and as such his blog should be a definite go-to destination and must have RSS subscription.
  3. The Depravity Scale Blog. Is a gruesome crime more different than a quick stab in the heart? This is the kind of determinations a jury has to face, and Dr. Michael Welner of the Forensic Science Panel discusses all of these.
  4. Dr. G Medical Examiner. You’ve probably know Dr. Jan Garavaglia from her TV show on Discovery channel. Know that she’s a great forensic expert, which luckily shares much of her wisdom in the online videos.
  5. Forensic Science News by Forensics Guy. Cases, features and news from the field straight from a forensic scientist himself.
  6. Forensics Talk. Kathleen is a forensic nurse with more than 35 years of clinical nursing experience, along with paralegal training, health care fraud, document tampering, criminalistics and Medico-legal Death Investigation training.
  7. Crime Museum Blog. A myriad of cases presented regularly in great detail and depth. Check out the homepage of the mother website as well.
  8. Scientific American. Advances and features from the world of forensic science straight from one of the most respected scientific publication in the continent.
  9. Forensic Nexus Blog. Rapidly growing into one of the most trustworthy forensic science resource currently on the web, Forensic Nexus’ Blog section continues the high quality trend with posts from the field, news, interviews with specialists and so on.
  10. Criminal Profiling. Incredible resources filled with cases ranging from criminal justice, offender profiling, victimology, serial killers & forensic psychology news.
  11. The Charles Smith Blog. Harold Levy’s blog is a bit unorthodox. His postings began as a means of exposing flaws and flawed forensic scientists, especially Dr. Charles Smith, who’s since then become disgraced by the community.
  12. Forensic Science Suite101. Forensic information and tips by the Suite101 editorial staff.
  13. The Truth About Forensic Science. A fantastic resource put together by forensics expert and Pennsylvania DUI attorney Justin J. McShane. The blog also features a very interesting weekly contest called Forensic Science Geek of the Week.
  14. Crime Scene Blog. Frank Girardot and Brian Day present various cases and discuss crime and impact it has on the local community.
  15. CrimProf Blog. The blog of Kevin Cole, Dean & Professor of Law at Univ. of San Diego School of Law, which features how cases are treated in a court of law.
  16. Crime and Clues. Features articles and resources from the world of forensics.
  17. NIJ Forensic Science Articles. Not quite a blog, however the National Institute of Justice has tons of extremely valuable articles related to forensic science.
  18. The Writer’s Forensics Blog. Although this is a blog that mostly is intended for writers touching on forensics subjects to shed a veritable light upon their work, the information presented in this website is accurate and helpful.
  19. Skeleton Keys. This is the blog of Jen J. Danna, a Canadian forensic crime fiction author, who shares some remarkable insights in her musings.
  20. Ask a Forensic Artist. A personal favorite, this is where forensic science and art meet in a central resource.
  21. Imaging Forensics Blog. A blog that tackles tutorials and articles on digital imaging and its importance to the crime scene investigation.
  22. Crime Lab Report.  An independent organization that analyzes media coverage, public policy trends, and current issues affecting the profession of forensic science and its stakeholders.
  23. Forensic News – The Forensic Group. The Forensic Group was established in New Zealand by Dr Anna Sandiford, a Senior Forensic Science Consultant with many years’ experience in New Zealand and overseas.
  24. BCIT Forensics. BCIT’s Forensic Science and Technology is an industry leader in forensics training. The company’s blog offers some very helpful insights, news, and features from the world of forensics.
  25. NC Forensics. Sarah Rackley, the Forensic Resource Counsel for Indigent Defense Services of NC, writes about forensic science topics that are relevant to North Carolina attorneys.
  26. The Forensic Files. VCU Forensic Science Department News and Information
  27. Criminal Profiling.  The blog of Brent E. Turvey, a forensic scientist and criminal profiler in private practice.


Forensic Pathology Blogs

  1. Forensic Medicine. Dr Sumit Seth’s blog, with many, many useful practical information.
  2. Forensic Md. Forensic information from Dr. Cox, regarding forensic pathology & neuropathology.
  3. PATH WONK. Jeremy Deisch, M.D., a  neuropathology fellow at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, who recently has begun a pathology blog which focuses on neuropathology and forensic pathology.
  4. Digital Pathology. Authored by Keith Kaplan, this very interesting blog updates posts on tissue and digital pathology.
  5. Pathtalk. A weblog about pathology and laboratory medicine.
  6. Forensic Pathology Online. The news section of Dr. Dinesh Rao’s online presence.
  7. Heartland Forensic Pathology. Dr. Young posts links to news articles that interest him about
    forensic pathology, medical examiners, coroners and death investigation.

Forensic Psychology Blogs

  1. In the News. News, articles, bits and pieces from the world of forensic psychology, criminology and forensic law from Karen Franklin, Ph.D.
  2. Forensic Psych. A blog about forensic psychology, criminology, and criminal law.
  3. Psychology and Crime News. A place to collate information of interest in a forensic psychological context.
  4. Hawaii Forensic Psychology. Various tips and information from a forensic practitioner in Hawaii.
  5. Deception Blog. Collating information about applications of psychological research on deception.
  6. Postcards from the Id. Examines the “lighter” side of clinical and forensic psychology, with pop culture and other personal interests thrown in for good measure.

Computer Forensic Blogs

  1. Forensic Focus. Great content relating to computer forensics and features interviews with key people working in the field.
  2. Forensics from the Sausage Factory. The blog of Richard Drinkwater, a  freelance computer forensics consultant.
  3. A Geek Raised by Wolves. Jesse Kornblum shares his insight and experience in digital forensics. Most of his posts contain particular insights, like computer code.
  4. Forensic Computing. Mike shares his thoughts, ideas, research, and other interesting findings.
  5. Didier Stevens. The 5-to-9 security researcher from Brussels, Belgium.
  6. Offensive Computing. This is a great resources, and a dangerous one – mind you. Why? Well the blog sometimes posts malicious malware with scientific intend in mind. If you don’t know what you’re doing, better not download them.
  7. A Fistful of Dongles. Eric Huber’s Information Security, Cyber Investigations, and Digital Forensics Blog
  8. Matt Churchill. Thoughts and news on digital forensics, pentesting, electronic investigations, and the computer underground.
  9. Forensic 4cast. Forensic 4cast is a blog about digital forensics focused on podcasts, featuring many, many more information and features.
  10. Forensic photoshop. An ongoing discussion about the application of Photoshop in forensic investigations, featuring ips, how-tos, step-by-steps, and advanced techniques for using Photoshop in a forensic workflow.
  11. Forensic Methods. Chad Tilbury shares some incredibly insightful posts from his career in network security and computer crime investigations.

Forensic Anthropology

  1. Forensic Anth. A website which at first revolved around forensic anthropology, but now has many news and features.
  2. Forensic Anna-thropologist. This site is owned by Dr Anna Williams, a Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology at Cranfield University. I highly recommend it for everybody! It’s informative and pleasant to read.
  3. Forensic Odontology – Bitemark Evidence. The blog of David C. Averill, board certified by the American Board of Forensic Odontology,  and a past President of the American Board of Forensic Odontology and also of the American Society of Forensic Odontology.

DNA Testing

  1. Florida Innocence. The Innocence Project of Florida (IPF) began in January of 2003 in response to an October 1, 2003, filing deadline for post-conviction DNA motions. Since then it has covered a load of highly interesting cases which highlights false convictions and releases subsequent to DNA testing.
  2. DDC Forensics. This is where DNA Diagnostic Center staff and clients can post issues, concerns, answers, and questions regarding forensic DNA testing.
  3. Eye on DNA.


  1. Forensic Astrology. What field of science doesn’t apply to forensics eventually? Stick forensic science and astrology together and you have a blog on unsolved crimes and missing persons cases.
  2. Expert Witness Blog. A forensic scientists is first and foremost an expert witness. What does it take to become an expert witness? What do those witnesses do? Learn everything you wanted to know and more about this element of investigation from this blog.
  3. Ballistic Simulator. Provides helpful examples of how you can use a ballistic simulator to figure out what happens when a gun is shot.
  4. Steve’s Forensic Accounting Blog. Stephen Pedneault has more than 20 years worth of experience dealing with forensic accounting, employee fraud and litigation support matters.
  5. Anti-Polygraph Blog. A blog for news about polygraphs, voice stress analyzers, and other purported “lie detectors.”
  6. Empirical Legal Studies. The ELS blog serves as an online forum to discuss and provide links for emerging empirical legal scholarship, provide conference updates, discuss empirical claims that have emerged in public and political discourse, facilitate discussion for guest empirical scholars and assess current empirical findings and methodologies.
  7. Bones Don’t Lie. An up to date blog filled with current mortuary and bioarchaeology news.


Compiling a comprehensive list of all the notable forensic science blogs, providing both value and experience, is a tough task. This current list is limited by the visibility of these blogs, and while we’ve striven to include as many of these valuable publications, it goes without saying that we’ve surely missed a few gems. So, if you happen to know of a quality forensic science blog you enjoy reading or you author one yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form or directly at and we’ll take a look at it, and eventually add it to this list.

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