Forensic odontology salary details

I wrote a while ago about the forensic anthropology salary, which can vary greatly, but generally is anywhere from $37.000 to $70.000 per year, averaging at some $55.000 / year.

A forensic odontologist however, can expect a much bigger yearly income; depending on location and income, $150,000-$185,000 is a good interval. However, as I was saying, a forensic anthropologist having only this job is a rare sight – and a forensic odontologist is an even rarer one. Usually, they are just dentists with some extra qualifications that serve as consultants whenever they are needed, and there are only so many cases in which teeth are involved.

So in conclusion, this is not a full time job you should focus on, but rather a complementary field if you are a dentist, and one that can be very useful in some cases.

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